I've had ba for a yr been experiencing pain think form sport injury scared of CCs wat are the signs? Had ultrasound negative?

I've had breast implants for a year 400cc behind muscle for the last week I've been experiencing pain right side near my under arm had ultra sound they didn't find anything ideas freaking out

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Capsular contracture

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Capsular contractures generally begin as a firm implant, then as a displaced implant, and then as a painful breast. Best to follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Capsular contracture what are the signs

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The signs of capsular contracture are classically firmness and hardening, followed by distortion of the breast, and then pain.

It is possible to have a capsular contracture and a normal ultrasound and the key is examination by a Plastic Surgeon and then monitoring for progression.

You should visit the surgeon who performed the procedure for an opinion and peace of mind

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