Second Opinion on Whether To Get A Breast Lift With Implants Now Or After Pregnancy in Two Years?

Im a 36C/D thinking of going no lift and just a BA 500cc Ive seen 7 PS, after learning about my personal goals most say skip the lift, some say lift, or a benelli lift. I have seen women after pics with no lift that had grade 2 ptosis and their pics where beautiful, better than the ones with the lift. I AM NOT trying fix my sag with a large implant, i simply want a fuller breast now. I want a lift 2yrs post my BA because i hope to have a baby within 2yr & waiting 2yrs for the BA is not an option

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Beast augmentation and pregnancy

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Sounds like you may be in the difficult position of...."information overload". If you are hoping to become pregnant in the near future the conservative thing to do is wait and end up doing one procedure rather than two (or more). 

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift Now or After Pregnancy?

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Thank you for the question.

I think you will be much better off taking the advice of the most experienced/talented plastic surgeons you have met in person than the advice of online consultants who have not had the benefit of examining you and/or discussing your goals. Select your plastic surgeon on demonstrable quality of work and allow him to do what is necessary to achieve your goals at this time.  it is unfortunate that waiting 2 years for the breast augmentation is “not an option”;  going this route would certainly help minimize the chances of you needing additional surgery.

I would suggest that you do not select a plastic surgeon based on the fact that he/she tells you what you want to hear.

I hope this helps. 

Breast lift

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I think your plan is perfectly reasonable.  You can have the implants placed now and a lift later, especially if you are worried that pregnancy will cause your breasts to sag.  My only warning, however, is to consider using a smaller implant.  The larger the implants, the more it will cause your breasts to sag with time.  Also, a 500 cc implant can be tricky to combine with a lift. It simply makes the skin too tight, leading to stretching of the scars, skin, and recurrence of sagging.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift or augmentation

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AN augmentation alone will not lift your breasts.  If you want more fill then that is fine, but a lift can be done at anytime.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implants before pregnancy

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Breast augmentation is most reliably performed when you don't anticipate any further volumetric changes, such as those that happen with pregnancy or breast feeding.  With that said, there are countless women with augmented breasts who have successfully breastfed.  It is somewhat unpredictable what will happen to each woman's breasts with such huge hormonal changes, but most women will tend to sag coming out of pregnancy/breastfeeding.  You can certainly proceed with breast augmentation now, but you should know that the final result will likely be different once you have a child.  Also, consulting 7 plastic surgeons seems rather excessive.  Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon should not be too difficult in this day and age.  Be careful of seeking too many opinions, because eventually someone may provide the answer you're looking for, and it may not necessarily be the right option for you.

Andre Panossian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Looking for what you want to hear?

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While it is great to get the information you need before you make you're decision, I am troubled that you have found it necessary to consult seven.i believe that it is really important to find a competent surgeon that you can trust and develop a plan. Over time your body will change as will your objectives. Having someone you feel comfortable with will make future decisions easier.

it is not easy to repair the deformities that can happen when implants are placed that are too big. The skin becomes stretched and there is often not enough structure to get a good result w/o using things like  dermal matrix. You almost never can get results with a lift and and an augment that compare to first time augmentation. 

I think it is good that you are thinking long term, just remember that every surgical intervention has it's own risk of complications and that it is almost always more difficult to fix a problem than prevent one.

Thomas R. Walek, MD
Providence Plastic Surgeon

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