Had BA and Lift, What Other Procedure Should I Had to Obtain the Results That I Wanted? (photo)

Now that I have done this I have some concerns so I want opinions from you doctors,I had a BA + lift 43 days ago(6 weeks)the doctor chose 320 saline implants unders in order for me to get the full C look that I wanted,but now I feel bigger.I tried on some bras and I'm measuring a 32DD.My question is, what procedure could have gave me the results that I wanted to make my breasts perky and full?My surgeon was supposed to give me less cc's?Or other procedure would have been better? I'm 5'1 105lbs.

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Nice results

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Looks like you got very nice results from your augmentation and a lift.  You should wait for full 3-4 months to allow your breasts to fully settle.  If after that you still feel they are too big, perhaps an exchange for a smaller implant would be an option.

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Had BA and Lift, What Other Procedure Should I Had to Obtain the Results That I Wanted?

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While you are still recovering from your surgery, the perkiness that you want may not improve with your recovery. It appears that you may have benefited from a more aggressive breast lift if you wanted perkier breasts, and perhaps implants were unnecessary. However, if you look at your before photo, your results look quite good in comparison. I would wait about 4 months before assessing your results, and then you can talk to your surgeon to figure out what can be done. Best of luck!

Breast Aug with Lift

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With the amount of drooping you had prior to surgery, a full mastopexy and implants appear to have been the right combination to give you that “full and perky” look.  It sounds as though you are a little more full than you had anticipated.  Communication is crucial prior to surgery.  Your photos show a very good result from where you started!

Breast augmentation and size regrets.

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The basic premise of a breastlift is dependent on how your feel about size when in a properly fitting bra. If you like the volume in a bra, then implants are not typically recommended. In these cases, a lift is performed. If you wish to be a bit larger, then implants are advised. If you wish to be a bit smaller, a reduction is performed. The bottom line is communication with your surgeon and understanding the proposed plan. At 6 weeks, you are early in the healing process and you should give time before passing judgement on size or shape. If you are still unhappy, a size change can be made with smaller implants. Stay in touch with your plastic surgeon and be honest in your discussions with him/her.

David Bogue, MD
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Give it time

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Since you are only 6 weeks post-op, I would first recommend not worrying too much - you certainly still have some swelling and will have some additional breast changes.  If you were happy with the cup size you started with, you may have been able to do just the lift without the implants.  Obviously not being present during your consultation makes it difficult to know what was discussed.  I do tell patients not to focus solely on bra size, as it can be so varied from brand to brand.  I would certainly write down your questions & concerns and discuss them with your surgeon at your next post-op visit.  Best of luck!

Glenn M. Davis, MD, FACS
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Breasts after lift and augmentation

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If you liked the volume you had prior to implants then a lift would have been enough. If you wanted the shape of the implant, this size may have been appropriate.  Since I was not present at your consultation I do not knwo what was discussed.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Questions about size following a breast augmentation and lift

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Your result after a breast augmentation and lift is quite good for 6 weeks post op.  Now size is another question.  The questions that should be reviewed prior to surgery is if you were satisfied with your breast size while in a bra prior to surgery.   The implant was used to give you additional upper pole fullness, you could have used a smaller implant but you need an implant of sufficient base diameter to fill the base of your breast pyramid.  Once you have healed and the initially swelling is down you may want to discuss removing the implant.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Augment/mastopexy results

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I think you may be giving mixed messages in that you want "full" but also say that you are too big.  I personally would have gone smaller because, although 320 cc isn't a large implant, you appear to have had large breasts to begin with.  The starting point of your breasts is  typical of a breast reduction patient.  At this point, you do need to give things time to settle down before making any decisions as to revision.

Results after Breast Augmentation/Lift

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You are 6 weeks post op so first I would wait and give time for things to settle. You may not get smaller but can adjust to your appearence and size. If after so many months have passed and you still feel too large, an implant size change can be done without difficulty. Overall, your aesthetic post operative appearence looks quite good, so I would just give it time.

Scott R. Brundage, MD
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation and Lift

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Thank you for the question and your picture. Let me start off by saying that you have had a very nice result. At this time you are still in the early stages of healing. There is significant inflammation and scarring that occurs during the first 3 months or so after any surgery. With time the inflammatory process will abate and you will begin to notice your breast size decrease and your breast soften. If after that time,3 to 6 months, you are still unhappy with the size of your breast discuss it with your plastic surgeon. They will be able to make the appropriate recommendations as to which option would be best for your particular case. This may involve and exchange of the current implant for a smaller one or even removal of breast tissue or some combination thereof.

In any case, be patient and continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon. They have done a very nice job! Best of luck.

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