I Had a BA and Lift 7 Years Ago. Now my Nipple Stand at Attention.Why?

Why do my nipples get hard(as if I'm cold or excited,when I'm not).It is embarassing.

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Hardness to the nipples after Breast Augmentation

This is not an infrequent finding after having a breast augmentation.  The fullness of the breast tissue with the added volume of the breast  implants will push the nipple and areola outward making the nipple more prominently seen and the areola is often expanded and enlarged.  Both the areola and the nipple can be surgically reduced, but this  rarely is done 7 years after the initial surgery was performed, almost never for prominent nipples alone.  If you have real concerns about this, however, always check with your Plastic Surgeon.


Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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