Is it Normal To Retain A Lot of Water After BA AND BL?

I have noticed since my surgery yesterday I have drinking lots of water and juices my stomach now seems very bloated so much I look pregnant is this normal to retain water?

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This is very common. It's good that you're drinking plenty of fluids as this can help get rid of the bloating, along with going to the washroom regularly and walking leisurely around to keep your circulation going. Over the course of a couple of weeks, your bloated feeling will most likely away. Maximum swelling occurs at about 3-5 days post surgery breast augmentation. 

Retaining water after surgery

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It is very common to retain fluids after surgery and gaining weight as well as looking bloated. As you become more active your body will eliminate most of the extra fluid you retain during surgery.

Water retention and surgery

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It is quite common to retain water after surgery . This is a response to the surgical procedure and will get better with time.

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Water retention after surgery

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Yes, it is normal to retain water as a consequence of both swelling and the medications used in anesthesia. You should begin to diurese within 72 hours. Swelling reaches its peak 48-72 hours postop so don't be surprised if you feel more bloated tomorrow than today.

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