BA Done 13 Months Ago. Body Aches & Fever-like Symptoms, Once a Week for the Past 6-7 Weeks. Any Correlation to the BA?

BA done a little over a year back. I have body aches and fever & fatigue exactly 1x a week..for the past 6 weeks. Ive had blood test- all normal limits. Chest x-ray to rule out valley fever (i live in arizona) -clear. Allergy testing- all clear. Is this possibly related in some way to my BA done over a year ago? (Submuscular memory gel 325cc).

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Have you seen your plastic surgeon? If your breasts are not bothering you and you don't have any signs of infection in or around your breasts it shouldn't be related. If you see redness,drainage or one breast is a lot bigger then the other it's something you need to see a doctor for.

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