Is a B-Liftx Peel Safe for Black (African) Skin?

I've had mthly peels (glycolic)for some yrs via facialist, but tend to have occasional bad acne flare up. The last one ~ 6mnths ago was really bad, but breakouts have since stopped with RX remedies from my Dr. Now Dr. recommends I do a B-Liftx (1st time) to clear the hyperpigm residual + other benefits for my oily/acne prone skin. Facialist thinks not suitable for black skin & could even damage my inherent protection against UV. I just want to make a informed decision, & avoid unnecessary risk

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Hyperpigmentation, acne and peels

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Peels are great but from your short post, no one seems to be addressing your acne from a maintenance standpoint. Depending on many factors (ie, desire to get pregnant, sun exposure, the severity of your acne etc) you should make all effort to get your acne under control with topical medications (whether antibiotics, retinoid, accutane or whatever your acne dictates) and then go after improvement with peels as an adjunct. If you dont stop the acne process which I would bet is inflammatory in your case (big painful pimples that result in dark spots on healing), you will always be chasing your tail- so to speak- with peels. Treat your acne 1st, get peels along the way, and then even try a hydroquionone prescription cream to even out your skin tone. You may find keeping your skin acne free will be a lifetime battle. Its not uncommon for us women to have acne far into your 30's and 40's.

There are so many fun peels we can do as dermatologists. You are just brushing the surface. Just find a good doctor in your area who is familiar with dark skin types!

Miami Beach Dermatologist

Salicylic acid peel- Beta-Lift Peel

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This peel is addressing both of the problems you mention.  There is no contraindication for dark skin.   It can work wonders for acne.  If you are on other acne medications make sure whoever is performing the peel is aware of all the topical and oral medications   I think you should seek your advice from one source.  You can decide who you think would be the better judge, someone with years of training or someone who may or may not have any training at all.

Lisa Kates, MD
Annapolis Dermatologist

B-Liftx or beta hydroxy/salicylic acid peel safe for dark skin

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I think the Beta peel is a nice idea for your acne and hyperpigmentation. I think it will be safe as long as you take care of your skin after the peel (keep it well moisturized and do not pick the peeling skin) and it will not increase sun sensitivity. You should use a daily sunscreen in order to prevent and treat the pigmentation.

B-lift is a great choice for dark skin

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Your doctor is correct. B-lift, which is a salicylic acid peel, is an excellent choice for dark skin. It is a light peel that has been shown to be safe on dark skin, effective for acne and the treatment of hyperpigmentation. If you are using any exfoliating medicines for. your acne, such as a retinoid, make sure you stop them before the peel-- consult your dermatologist as to how long.

Dina D. Strachan, MD
New York Dermatologist

Salicylic acid peel is a great and underrepresented.

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The Beta lift is a beta hydroxy peel that is consists of salicylic acid. The acid is more lipophilic and can be taken up by acne lesions and reduces redness and activity due to its antiinflammatory properties. Other uses include the treatment of hyperpigmentaion/melasma. The peel is mild enough to be used by hispanic and African Americans without causing problems if used correctly. A test area should be performed to see how the body reacts to it first. The peel once applied need not require any neutralization like glycolic acid peels. It may repeated every 6 weeks.

Hassan Galadari, MD
Dubai Dermatologist

This is a mild peel.

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Dear Newbiee

This is a mild peel and should not cause harm.  On the other hand, I am not sure that it will reach deep enough into the skin to lift out the hyperpigmentation.  However, it is far safer to do a mild peel rather than a deeper peel for dark skin.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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