If I pulled my right pec, would my silicone implant be super sore and tender from the right down to the bottom? (Photo)

2 sets implants which are a little over 5 years old. My 1st set was saline and they were almost 10 yrs old before my right one deflated. My same Doctor put new set in and he said the right one did have more scar tissue. Not sure if because of deflation. I haven't had issues other than the right one was as soft as left. They are under the muscle. It moves too not abnormal like hard but sore. I can't tell if swollen a little or not .

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If you pulled your muscle you could definitely be sore on that side.  It would depend on what activity you were doing that makes you think you strained your muscle.   If this is from a very high impact activity, like a car wreck, then the implant could rupture.  It would take an MRI to diagnose this, and a high index of suspicion.

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