If I Get Axillary Breast Tissue Removed, Will It Reduce my Breast Size?

I have axillary breast tissue in both of my arm pits. I wish to get them surgically removed. Will that also reduce my breast size? If it does not by default, is there an option to get the breast size reduced as part of the same procedure?

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Axillary breast tissue removal does not really reduce breast size

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but it will diminish the tissue roll over the edge of your bra cup.  If you are signing up for a breast lift or reduction procedure, please make sure you communicate your desires to your chosen surgeon.  Though not technically part of a reduction or lift procedure, you will find some that are willing to go to bat for you and will attempt suctioning in order to get a better result.

Axillay breast tissue

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Axillary breast tissue can be directly excised but it will not contribute to anoverall reduction of the main breast gland unless you perform a direct excision of the breast itself.

Breast Reduction and Axillary Breast Tissue Reduction?

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Difficult to give you precise advise without direct examination but generally speaking I do not believe that excision of axillary breast tissue will necessarily reduce overall breast size. Yes, it is possible to undergo breast reduction surgery at the same time as you have axillary breast tissue removed.

 Select your plastic surgeon carefully and communicate your goals carefully as well.

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