Axillary Breast Tissue in the Right Under Arm, What Should I Do?

Axillary breast tissue in the right under armHI IM HAVING A LyMPH IN MY RIGHT UNDER ARM..I guess it axillary breast tissue???i consult the doctor 3 years back he said its just chlosterol lymph not to worry and if i need to do surgery he asked me to do..But i dont have any disturbance or pain...but still its there..What should i do??is ter any chance to reduce without surgery..What food i should not take??advise me

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Axillary masses can represent accessory breast tissue or lymph nodes

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Breast tissue can develop anywhere along an oblique line, originating at the groin and extending upwards to the armpit.  The appearance of "accessory breast tissue", i.e lumps which are not in the breast mound "proper" is usually stimulated by fluctuations in hormones, such as pregnancy and menopause.  Armpit masses can also be classified as lymph nodes or lipomas (fatty tumors).  Their growth is independent of hormone fluctuations; once established, these masses require surgery for removal. Regrettably, insurance generally doesn't cover this type of surgery.  Cholesterol restrictive diets aren't helpful.  Check back with your MD and don't neglect to get a mammogram, if you are >40years old.   Good luck.

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