Awful bumps above my incision photos posted? (photo)

Well this is how my scar and BB looks like 5 days post full TT. I m not worried about the scar but am terrified to see 1. awful uneven fatty bulges around my incision!! 2. And the skin around the BB is wrinkly as well!! Honestly, should I be worried??

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Awful bumps above my incision

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When a TT incision is ready to be closed, the lower incision is usually a relatively straight line, the upper almost a semi-circle. There is always a size discrepancy, and therefore always some degree of "gathers" or pleats in the incision itself. With cloth, these are permanent, but skin remodels and typically by six months the incision looks fine.

I do recognize your concern with the large folds. I expect they will improve some, but it may well be that a touch up procedure may be needed to get the result you would want. This can be improved, though it may require lengthening the incision some.

Follow with your surgeon. All the best.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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