Will I need to continue Perlane injections after the first one? Will there be more sagging because the skin is stretched?

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Perlane Injections

Perlane can last 6-9 months, this varies based on many things including a person’s metabolism. It is something that you would need to continue having injected if you want the results to last. Depending on the area injected you may be able to get Juvederm Voluma injections, Voluma can last up to 2 years with optimal correction. Generally fillers are used where our natural volume has been lost or where correction is needed so there is no stretching of the skin. Consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist to see what treatment is best for you.

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Perlane and sagging after fillers

Perlane should not cause sagging of the skin but placement is crucial to avoid this. I would recommend you follow up with a skilled board certified dermatologist for this procedure.

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Will my skin stretch after fillers

A 1mL syringe of Perlane is truly a small amount - about the size of one teaspoon of liquid. It's just not a large amount of liquid that's being injected so it doesn't stretch out the skin.

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How long does Perlane last

There are basically two factors which  determine the length of time a facial filler  will last. #1. Technique: if it is  injected too deeply, it may be absorbed  faster. See an experienced board certified plaqstic surgeon for this. #2. Location:All facial fillers will be absorbed more  rapidly in areas  where  there is greater movement. For  example, a filler placed in the lips rarely lasts more than three months. The upper  part of the nasolabial  fold area lasts a long time 6 - 12 months on average. As the nasolabial fold approaches the mouth area, the filler  is absorbed more quickly.

Do not  worry about  stretching the skin following facial fillers, it is very unlikely .

I wish you well !

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