Is Their Away to Fix my Overbite?

Okay so I hade my braces on for like 3 years or so and I just got them off like a couple on months ago, and my teeth don't look good I mean they look big and I have huge overnight! I don't like the way they look is their a way to fix them?

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I don't like my final orthodontic result...what do I do?

3 years should have been enough time to get a good correction assuming that the original diagnosis was good and you cooperated.  Not all problems can be fixed ideally and I always try to explain to my patients both before and after treatment why the final result is going to be what it is.

So why haven't you asked your doctor why you have what you have....if you don't like the answer you can get a second opinion but a simple photo that you provided does not have enough info to really tell me anything

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