I had severe itching, swelling and redness after Restylane Silk

I had Restylane Silk injected into lines between my nose and mouth by a reputable plastic surgeon. several days after the injections I had an increase in redness, swelling and severe itching that did not respond to prednisone. I cannot tolerate Benadryl. I ultimately had the material removed. The surgeon had never seen anything like this before and this baffled. I had Restylane put in my nasolabial fold's without complication. Any ideas?

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Allergy to Restylane Silk?

I don't think this was an allergy. I've never seen an allergy to HA fillers. I'd be more inclined to deem this an infection. If allergy, it is related to the topical creams placed to numb or placed afterwards.

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Itching, Swelling and Redness after Restylane Silk

This is difficult without seeing photographs or evaluating it in person. It could have been an allergy (this is rare) or an infection. If it was allergy, it could be related to the topical creams used. 

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Any ideas?

Thanks for your question. Allergic reactions are rare. You also had Restylane in the laugh lines and only reacted poorly to the lips. I don't think we will ever know, but I would suspect either a reaction to cream used to numb up the lips or bacterial reaction in the lip mucosa. Best wishes, Dr. ALDO

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Itching, swelling, redness after Restylane Silk

Reactions can rarely occur to any filler that is injected into the skin.  When there is a problem, the best course of action is usually to dissolve the filler with hyaluronidase.  That is why HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers are the safest way to go.  You could possibly consider an alternative filler such as Belotero next time.  Discuss in person with your doctor.  


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Allergy or Infection--Itching, Redness, Irritation and Swelling after Restylane

This is tough to answer without an evaluation. It might have been an allergy (though rare) or some type of infection. See an expert for a formal evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

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