My teeth used to be white but not anymore?

I did a bleaching for my teeth 3 years ago by crest 3d white and I had a good result for around 5 mnths after that it was getting less whitening"normal" so I tried so many things for whitening my teeth but nothing has changed they're still the same not as the first time, now I'm using the Mini LED Light for 3days and nothing is change why my teeth did not response to them even though that I'm not a coffee& tea drinker at all also I don't smoke&drunk wine so wired please help me what should I do

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Over the counter systems do not work as well

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go to a profesional, to get a deep cleaning, polishing and also to get it done and supervised by an specialist, all those dental companies, that sell products, do not tell the patient, that if teeth are not clean form the bottom, the materials would not work, remember that plaque is always present no matter how hard you brush, or apply materials, go to see professional.there are many systems

Whitening Teeth

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Hi There,

Not all enamel is the same.  The uptake on the whitening product can vary.  That being said, I cannot tell why you cannot obtain the brightness you once had.  I would go professional - Zoom Whitening!  That is our favorite brand of in-office whitening treatments.  Call around to offices and see who has done the most.  Then set up an appointment for a consult first.  Maybe there is a reason that dentist can detect clinically.  Best to correct that first so it does not happen again. And always get the whitening trays that go with Zoom.  That will really lock in your color after the in-office procedure.  Best of luck to YOU!


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Hi!  If you are not getting results with over the counter whitening, you probably need professional whitening.  Try zoom whitening or Kor whitening.  It should get you better results.

Roger Tran, DDS
San Diego Dentist

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