What is the best option for multiple mole removals on my face? What are the cost? Can I remove with minimize scaring? (photo)

Hey everyone, I have had my face looked at recently and all my moles were checked. Nothing looked bad and throughout my life I have routinely had them checked. I would like to know what the best method for mole removal is. I recently had two removed by electo current and it has been about three months now and you can still see little dark marks. Please look at my pics and let me know what you think the best option going forward is and cost range. Thanks for your help!

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Mole Removal

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Thank you for posting your photo.

We typically recommend an evaluation in our office to assess each patient and their cosmetic needs individually, and to provide a treatment plan specifically tailored to them.  In general, 3 dimensional growths can be removed with a variety of treatments, including electrocauterization, gently blading them off the surface of the skin, and resurfacing lasers. There is a risk of scaring with any surgical procedure, however when we assess our patients and their skin, we chose the treatments what would minimize that risk and provide the best cosmetic outcome.  

Flat growths are harder to remove without leaving a noticeable scar.  Some lasers may be effective in lifting pigment in carefully selected patients.  We would recommend choosing a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is highly experienced in removals and laser surgery if you opt for this.  

Using excellent sun protection, including a broad spectrum sunscreen daily, is important to prevent any further growths or skin discoloration.    

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