Chin and jaw correction surgery: what is the best option to make my chin look less heavy and more delicate? (Photo)

I do not like my chin/jaw area and feel it is too heavy looking. I am looking to have it look made more delicate, but am wondering which surgery would be necessary for this? I attach two pictures. Many thanks. B x

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Chin/Jaw Reduction

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Based on this one side view picture, your heavy jaw appears to be due to a very prominent chin that extends back to the mid portion of the lower jaw. To reduce this area of the jawline to be in better balance to the rest of your face, a vertical wedge reduction genioplasty is needed that reaches further back than the typical distal cuts. Based on the chin's width in the front view, a midline wedge reduction of the chin may also need to be done to make it more narrow/refined.

Strong chin

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you have a nice 'strong' jaw with a good 'angle' from the back/ear  to the chin. However, if you wanted to soften it, the sliding genioplasty would help you. Consult a Maxillofacial surgeon who can also examine your bite to ensure the relationships between the top and bottom jaw are not part of the issue.

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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