Right breast swollen, possible infection or capsule? (Photo)

I am 15 days post op with under the muscle. I am aware that there are two surgeries and you can't expect the same result on both sides.I feel there is a significant difference between the two. I am concerned about my right breast ( one without the bandaid) I feel as if it is a lot more swollen, tighter, harder than the left and when I massage the breast I can feel a build up, lump or something. Just wanted some opinions if this was normal, or if this is signs of infection, capsule or blood clot.

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Problems with right breast

Based on what I can see in the photos, it doesn't appear as though you have an infection, capsular contracture or any other complication.  It appears as though your implants are simply riding high at this point because they are a large implant for your small frame.  Both implants will continue to feel different through the recovery period.  Good luck and be sure to direct any specific questions to your plastic surgeon!

Reading Plastic Surgeon
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Wait for some time

The final appearance, shape, and movement are not exactly the same as normal breasts. The surgically enlarged breasts do not move in the same way as normal breasts. They tend to be firmer. The contours are usually somewhat different than normal breasts. In some patients these discrepancies may be rather noticeable. Although every effort is made to place the implants symmetrically, complete symmetry is rarely achieved. Immediately after surgery, the breasts are swollen and firmer. The final shape and size is approximated after 2 to 3 months, but up to one year may be required for the end result.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Right breast swollen, possible infection or capsule?

You are still early in your healing process and your breasts will settle more with time. Right now, it appears that you have fairly large implants and tight pockets that will take many months to stretch until you achieve your final result.

Don W. Griffin, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Capsule or infection

Thank you for your question. Based on the picture it does not look like a infection. It is too early to have capsular contracture. Please contact your PS for evaluation.

Ven Erella, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Implants at two weeks

At two weeks you are very early in the healing phase and need to give it 4-6 months to heal. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Right breast swollen, possible infection or capsule?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... It will be better for you to wait until they drop, and also asking your surgeon, try to use something to drop them or accelerate the process... It is too soon to determine final results my love. 

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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