What to Avoid During Vacation While Tummy Tuck Heals?

I had a Tummy tuck 3 weeks ago and am doing very well.

My family and I are going to the beach in a few weeks. Should I get in the ocean water with them (not to play, just relax)? And the pool? Should I get in the public pool? (again just cooling off in the heat)

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Vacation guidelines after tummy tuck

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If your tummy tuck was 3 weeks ago, and your vacation is in a few weeks, I'll guess that the timing of your vacation is at least 6 weeks from the time of surgery. Hopefully that is a valid assumption. If you were my patient, six weeks out from surgery, I would feel very comfortable with you getting in the ocean water and the pool. Assuming no postoperative healing complications, your incisions will be completely healed by that point.

If you are going to the beach, be sure to apply copious amounts of sunscreen to all incisions. Even though your incision will be covered by a bathing suit, ultraviolet rays can still penetrate your clothing and cause your scar to develop hyperpigmentation (dark color). Apply sunscreen every hour and re-apply every time you come out of the water.

Best of luck!

Tummy tuck

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You should discuss with your plastic surgeon what they recommend. However most incisions are well healed within a few weeks and most activities are allowed by 6 weeks post operatively

David L. Abramson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

6 week post op Tummy Tuck

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To be sure what your post surgical guidelines are after your tummy tuck surgery you should consult your surgeon and tell him what activities you are considering to participate in while you are on vacation as each person heals differently from the same tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure. He may or may not still want you to wear your post surgical compression garment for 12 hours each day depending on how your swelling is now. Also be sure that your incision line is completely healed and closed including the drain sites before getting in the ocean. Protecting your inscision lines/ scars from the sun is crucial at this point so sun screen is a must and reapply often.

If you are 6 weeks out most of your restrictions (ie no more than 20 pounds of lifting/ pushiing/ or pulling) are probably gone by now and you should be on your way to healing beautifully and enjoying your post surgical results. Have a great vacation but please do check in with your surgeon or his medical staff to be sure of any guidelines he may have for you specifically.

Peter C. Haines, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

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