How to Avoid Teardrop Implant Complication?

If i considered teardrop implant for my BA, placed under the muscle, and the surface is textured? Is there still a possibility for rippling and flipping under the pocket?

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How to Avoid Teardrop Implant Complication?

Thank you for your question.  limit the size of the pocket they create. The textured surface of these implants further reduce the chance of rotation, however, that is one of the potential risks of shaped implants. 

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Textured Teardrop Breast Implants

Shaped breast implants are textured to help reduce the risk of them shifting. Unlike round breast implants, if teardrop shaped implants spin, the shape of the breast changes. If you are very flat, or have had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, the shaped implants can provide superior results. If you already have teardrop shaped breasts, and are looking to enlarge them, a round implant, behind the muscle, can often provide an excellent teardrop shaped result, without the worry of spinning. Remember the final result of you breast is not determined soley by the shape of the implant. The size, shape and profile of your breast implant should be selected with the guidance of a Board Certified plastic surgeon in conjunction with an in person consultation.

Joseph Mele, MD
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Teardrop-shaped implants behind the muscle are not advised!

Teardrop-shaped implants are teardrop-shaped in every position, unlike real breasts, which flatten, round out, and drop to the side of the chest when reclining. Textured implants don't move either, and point up in a teardrop shape, even when laying down. That's weird!

Proper orientation is a real issue as well, since the texture means adherence in whatever position they heal in. If that's off a bit, it STAYS off a bit! Bummer!

And since teardrop implants have a firmer edge feel (thicker shell to allow the texture), they may be more palpable than a smooth round silicone gel implant below the muscle. Texture is for implants that must be placed above the muscle, as the isolation of potential bacteria-induced biofilm on the implant surface, and the "breaking-up" of the vector forces of collagen fibers and myofibroblasts in the implant capsule are designed to counteract these above-the-muscle higher capsular contracture issues. Below the muscle removes the intraductal bacteria issue and reduces capsular contracture all on its own--without needing texture.

Oh, and they usually cost more.

Which of those makes you like the textured teardrop implant?

For some reason, perhaps the question about rippling, I think you are also considering saline. Textured saline implants deflate much more commonly than smooth saline implants, and both kinds of saline implants cannot equal the "cannot-deflate" characteristic of cohesive silicone gel implants. Deflation = re-operation for a new implant(s).

Please, you've got this all wrong, IMHO! You should ask for smooth, round, silicone gel implants below the muscle. You will have the least likelihood of complications, lower chance of re-operation for malposition, leakage or deflation, and a softer, nicer result overall. Honest! For more information, please click on the web reference link below! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Rotation of teardrop implants

In order to minimize the risk of implant rotation, surgeons limit the size of the pocket they create. The textured surface of these implants further reduce the chance of rotation, however, that is one of the potential risks of shaped implants.

Michael E. Ciaravino, MD
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Teardrop implant

Yes, the tear drop implant can become displaced and can flip or turn. Turning a round implant is not a problem.  I am not a big fan of the tear drop shaped implant for that reason.

Steven Wallach, MD
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