Is It Possible to Avoid the Resorption Produced by the Chin Silicone Implant?

I'm worried with the fack that silicone implants can produce bone resorption in chin augmentation procedure, how can this drawback be avoided? or at least be decreased over time. If for any reason the implant needs to be removed, I don't want like to end up with a smaller chin than my actual chin. Until now which implant is the best option?

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Minimizing bony resorption with chin implants.

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There is no definitive method to prevent this. However, a few suggested techniques may minimize this. First, many surgeons beleive limiting the size of the implant is a critical factor to avoid excessive skin tension and pressure on the implant. Others beleive bony fixation with a screw or suture may help minimize resorption. Lasty, an increase number of implants have a textured surface which promotes soft tissue ingrowth and minimize movement as well as shear and stress forces. Implant composition can effect this but implants with agressive tissue ingrowth may be more difficult to remove.

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