How to avoid permanent dry eye?

OK so I've asked this question and now I know the answer, thank you to all who responded. So my dilemma is that my surgery (oculoplastic) (ophthalmic) with 13 years experience in eye surgery only (whom I'm assuming has a lot of knowledge about eye health) says that he will be removing the thin layer of muscle along with the skin because of too much bleeding and is not requiring or doing a test for dry eyes. He said in 2000 surgeries only 1 complained of a extra dry eyes. Does this sound reasonable?

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Avoiding a dry eye

The best way is to simply not have any surgery.  But assuming that is not an option, it is a risk, albeit small, of blepharoplasty surgery as your cornea could be more exposed following this procedure.  Dry eyes also simply happen with aging and I'm not aware of anything that you could do to prevent that.  I'm not sure what your surgeon is doing but removing a little muscle is standard for some and not for others...

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How to avoid permanent dry eye?

Thank you for your question. The only way to completely avoid dry eyes from surgery is to not have eyelid surgery. You will want to consult a board certified oculoplastic surgeon and make an informed decision that works best for you. There is never a guarantee with surgery.

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