How to Avoid a Lumpy Look After Liposuction?

I'm having Liposuction done on my stomach. I'm just wondering, how can I avoid the lumpy look that some people get after this surgery?

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Avoid problems by having a well trained board certified Plastic Surgeon do your procedure

It is not only important to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, but also to make sure the surgeon has a wealth of experience with liposuction. You need to see photos of before and afters, talk with his patients and feel secure that you are getting the best care and surgery you can get.

With the advent of supersaturated technique and the use of smaller suction equipment good results with out many problems are the most common out come. This also requires that the patient's body is appropriate for the chosen procedure.

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The delicate balance between removing enough fat and not too much

Conservative liposuction with samller cannulas tends to produce less irregularities. However, this may not be as aggressive as you desire.

There is a fine line and balance between removing enough fat to make a difference and not so much as to create irregularities.

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