Avoiding Raised Up Look After Breast Implants; Should I Wear a Band?

Hello! I had 225cc saline moderate profile done by a PS specialist practicing for 40 years in Asia. I am VERY pleased with the natural results. He told me in his years of practice he has seen many patients whose implants rose up and had to do a redo because they did not wear the band or do the exercises. I know some people love the implants to be really high up and more unnatural looking (in my opinion only) but I do not like it. Do your patients wear a band for a month? Thank you very much.

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I rarely use a breast band after augmentation

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My patients rarely use a breast band after breast augmentation. I find that has become too much of a "crutch" for the surgeon. In my opinion, a well dissected pocket with excellent technique allows the implant to drop quickly and naturally, without the use of a band. A breast band will never correct an incorrectly made breast pocket. If you implant is too high, it may be the result of a much deeper problem.

Wearing a band after breast augmentation

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A breast stabilizer band will help to decrease the upper breast fullness after breast augmentation, but not all patients need to wear one, particularly if the implant is not under the muscle.  Too much pressure on the upper portion of the breast may cause the implant to "bottom out" and sit too low.  This is a difficult problem to fix.  It would be best to get the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon on the need for a band in your case.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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