Average Weight of Excess Skin, Fat from Lower Body Lift if Pt Carried Weight in That Area?

If a weight loss patient were to have a lower body lift-start weight (pre-rny) was 300...current is 195...hips pre-rny were 65", now are 48-49", thighs still 27" each...how much ON AVERAGE might the patient lose, in pounds, following the lower body lift and other associated procedures? (My neurologist supports me having procedures; excess skin and fat pads on thighs and lower back are pulling on my spine and causing a great deal of pain) This would be to avoid having several back surgeries.

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Average Weight of Excess Skin, Fat from Lower Body

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Nice picture, but it's not too helpful in answering the question you pose. This all depends upon how much redundant skin and fat there is. Your surgeon who has or will examine you can probably give an educated guess. 

I have taken out large amounts of skin that weighed less than five pounds in patients without much fat under the abdominal and back skin. I've taken out as much as 50 pounds in an unusually shaped patient. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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