Average Smart Lipo Quote?

I am considering Smart Lipo with a particular doctor. I am wondering if the quote that I received sounds right. For example, I was quoted $6,500 for a procedure but that does not include taxes or the garments. Is that customary? Thanks!

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We charge $4600, but this includes everything (garments, preop, postop, OR time, etc).

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This price seems high to me, but it may be normal for your area. As with everything, experience counts. There are folks in my area who perform SmartLipo for $2500 and I see their patients frequently to fix what they did wrong. So price isn't everything and if the results this person gets are good and YOU HAVE SEEN their work, then maybe it is worth it.

On the other hand, there are many folks who do very poor work and charge a lot for it, so high price doesn't always mean quality. What we do is the tumescent method prior to the liposuction. It is very good and makes the pain and bruising almost non existent! Good luck on your procedure.

Smartlipo quote

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It depends on where you're located but generally speaking, you can expect to pay from $4500 to $5000 for one area. For multiple areas, it would be higher of course. Please check the credentials of your surgeon rather than making a choice based on price alone.

Ask for the entire cost

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You can ask your surgeon for the entire cost of your surgical experience. Generally, we provide this and also break down the quote, itemizing each cost. In Toronto, Ontario, you can expect to pay from $3000-$9000, depending on the number of areas treated. Price varies depending on the surgeon, surgical facility, city, and other factors.

Cost of Smart lipo

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Smart Lipo cost can vary by geography.  While each plastic surgeon prices their services differently, we tend to quote a cost with everything included. It is difficult to comment further on the pricing unless the number of areas and the amount of work needed to achieve the results are known.

Smart Lipo Cost

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It is impossible to comment on your price quote without knowing how you need done. It would be helpful if you could include a more detailed description of what you are having done and some photos.

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