What is Average Price for Dysport in the Midwest? I've Found Everything from $5.50/u to $11/u at Facilities Only Miles Apart.

I'd love to know the cost from pharmacy to provider. The facilities I go to have basically same amenities and staff skill and experience but one is literally twice as much. The treatments have exact time of onset, duration, and efficacy. I did watch while the provider at the lower cost place diluted- appropriately-the med before she administered it. I realize that price point is something totally left to the provider's discretion but is sort of looks like one place is price gouging.

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Average Price for Dysport

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The pricing of dysport like other cosmetic procedures varies considerably across the country and even in the same area. South Florida tends to have lower fees then more expensive areas such as New York or Los Angeles. The charge is typically $4 to $5.50 per unit of dysport.

Dysport Pricing

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I think that there may be some confusion between Botox and Dysport pricing in this question.  The reason for this confusion is that the equivalent unit dosing of Dysport is about 2.5 x that of Botox. Dysport priced at $11 per unit is unusually high; most Physicians in this are will price it at $4-5 per unit.  Botox is generally priced somewhere between $10-14 per unit depending on who you see.  If you see pricing well below this range, it may be related to sale of a foreign brand of Botox or Dysport, excessive dilution of the product, or someone practicing out of specialty who is trying to grow an aesthetic business.

Dysport prices vary for many reasons

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  • The price per unit is essentially Botox talk. It's easier to speak in these terms because patients and physicians are more use to these numbers and units. When it comes to the actual unit differences, the physician should be well aware and inject appropriately. The price difference depends on who's injecting, price specials, surgeon/office preference price point, who they are buying the product from, etc.  The product costs the same no matter what, except if the practice is buying from outside the country. Patient's prices are usually cheaper if the injector is not a doctor and therefore has less medical training; the physician decides to run a special to introduce new patients to their practice; or the practice decides to keep that price point low in order to focus on other procedures. There are other reasons but that's the gist. Long story short, ask around, and find out who is the best and decide if your budget fits. 

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Average price for Dysport

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The average price for Dysport, yes, will depend on the injector, including if this is a physician, or someone else (nurse, PA, etc). I charge $285 for 75units of Dysport, and $550 for 150units. I have never heard of someone charging $11/unit for Dysport, even in LA. I have heard of people charging (and this is within the normal range) $11/unit for Botox. But Dysport and Botox are not 1:1 with their unit dosing. Be sure you're comparing apples to apples. My guess is that someone gave you a price for Botox at $11/unit, and not Dysport.

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