On Average, How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

My daughter has been asking to get Invisalign for her overbite and a few crooked teeth. I don't think it will be covered by our insurance so I was wondering how much it would cost?

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Cost of Invisalign/Cost of Braces & Return on Investment

Out of the gate....quality orthodontics will cost between $4500 and $6000....just like most medical procedures requiring quality supervision, products and personalized care.  Many offices charge the same fee for braces or Invisalign and offer various payment plans.  Third party financing is often available that can make the monthly payments around $125-150.   Insurance coverage traditionally only covers a portion of the treatment costs so don't let that discourage you.  My suggestion is to engage your daughter in the financial discussion regarding her desire.  Find a way to have her help with its financing so she values everyone's effort....having some skin in the game!  The changes can open doors down the road through increased self esteem and confidence along with having optimal dental health opportunities as a result of orthodontics.  Invest wisely and protect your efforts with stellar retention.  You will always enjoy seeing that beautiful smile shining back at you.  Good Luck!

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