What is the Average Cost to Get a Smile Makeover on Severely Damaged Teeth?

What type of procedures are involved in a smile makeover for damaged teeth?

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What is the Average Cost to Get a Smile Makeover on Severely Damaged Teeth?

Before I answer this question I always ask why are the teeth so severely damaged?

Decay, gum disease, accident or just lots of fillings or crowns?

Once we can work out why they have got so bad then we can plan how to restore them.

You would need to commit in changing your lifestyle and becoming healthier overall. 

Smoking is a big no no for dentistry as it can lead to gum disease, and even heart disease. Teeth become loose and then need to be extracted.

If the teeth or smile is so bad that you are left with a choice of a smile makeover then it is usually a good idea. Many patients are fed up of multiple discoloured and misaligned teeth and would like a makeover.

If we can get the gums and teeth healthy and free of disease then a smile makeover can last from 10-20 years without any major alterations. I still have NHS patients from the 1995 walking around with perfectly acceptable porcelain veneers.

Nowadays the technology is so advanced that we can give you an idea of what your new teeth would look like once covered and straightened, even before we start the procedure.

Smile makeovers usually involve porcelain veneers on the front 4-6 teeth and the same porcelain but as crowns on the teeth behind. Some patients opt for veneers for the top 10 teeth. 

If the smile is wide then the 1st molar teeth can also be crowned or veneered.

A smile makeover is more important as a life changer than a new car or an expensive watch. Remember you cannot take your flashy new car into a cocktail party, but your smile comes with you. 

So when I see patients for this life changing procedure I explain that the procedure is not reversible; the enamel will be modified or reduced. When a patient is happy with the makeover mock up then we commit to the procedure.

On average a smile makeover costs between $10,000 to $15,000 and will last a very long time. It is less expensive than a car and without the service bills.

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Without SEEING your situation it's not possible to even guess the cost. Are the teeth worn and broken down from grinding? Are they broken down from big cavities? From a fight? Car accident? Are the back teeth in a stable bite position or are they broken down too. Maybe even missing some back teeth? Is there any gum disease present?  Before a dentist can answer your question there are many questions the dentist needs answered first. Wish I could have been more help.

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