What is the Average Cost Range for Tear Trough Implants?

Just wanted to know the minimum and maximum price for this surgical procedure please.

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Whoa there Samantha!

Don't you want to know if this surgery is right for you?  The tear trough implant was and is still a good concept.  However what seemed great 20 years ago has not stood the test of time.  This implant was essentially replaced with the new fillers.  They are much more powerful than the tear trough implant.  Unfortunately some of the surgeries used to place this implant are not very kind to the lower eyelid area.  Intraoral placement creates a lot of unnecessary trauma for an implant that really does not provide a lot of volume and does not hold up well in the aging face compared to the fexibility of the fillers.  Plus the fillers do not require surgery.  However, the tear through implant will have a very important place in the history of midface surgery because this implant really help change the way we think about the aging midface.  Please be careful what you look for, some one will put this implant in you if you knock on enough doors.

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