What's the Average Cost for Invisalign for Only the Top Teeth?

Does the cost vary based on the specific type of problem or the number of trays that are needed to correct the problem? What is a good range to expect to pay for Invisalign on only the upper teeth?

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Invisalign cost

Invisalign treatment varies from 4500 to 5500. It depends on the degree of dificulty.


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Invisalign Fees

Invisalign charges the Doctor’s office the same price whether the patient is correcting only one arch or both.  Usually the patient is charged based on how long the case will take and how complicated it is.  The range in our office is from $4,500 to $7,000

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Invisalign case fees

Invisalign does not offer a price reduction for only treating the top teeth. There are a few options for Invisalign cases: Invisalign TEEN, Invisalign Express and Invisalign Full.  Most cases fall under the category of Invisalign full.  In some offices, Invisalign Express may be offered which costs less but is only for less complex cases and limits the number of aligners.

Cost for invisalign

Yes the cost varies on case difficulty.  In my office the cost of invisalign ranges from 4500-6500.  There is no price deduction if you only do one arch. It cost the same.  Hope this helps

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