On average, how much of a brow lift will fat transfer to the bilateral brows give?

I recently reached the 6th month mark post-endoscopic brow lift. My brows have dropped a bit since the surgery, mainly the outer brow. I was much more satisfied with the position of my eyebrows at 4 weeks post-op. My surgeon suggested a fat transfer to my bilateral brows to give a little lift. He refused to redo the surgery because he wanted to keep the dynamic of my eyebrows intact, which I understand, but I do want my desired results. Will my desired result be achieved by fat grafting?

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Fat transfer, brows

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your question is very practical.   the short answer is the degree of lift depends on the volume of fat transferred in addition to the degree of brow ptosis "droop".  they key is to elevate without distorting the area below the brows with too much fat. an exam in the office will permit a more accurate assessment.  sometimes the endobrow needs to be redone.

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Fat Transfer For Eyebrow Lift

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Dbalb22 Photographs and a complete evaluation are necessary for the best cosmetic plan. The tail of the brow can fall post surgery because of the strength of the orbicularis muscle pulling down on the lateral ( outside) brow. Botox may help to weaken the muscle and allow the brow to elevate. Fat transfer to the brow can be used not only to elevate but also give back some of the contours that cannot be accomplished by brow surgery alone.

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Post brow lift with fat grafting

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The endobrow lift elevates the soft tissues. If you have volume loss in the area of the lateral brow, you need a filler. To see if you like the look,use a temporary filler like Radiesse. This may give you the appearance of further brow elevation. Later you can have a more long term filler like fat injected.

Thomas Romo, III, MD, FACS
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