Avenue for Torque Harnessing Quadaricept Involvement Gone After Lift. What Are my Options? (photo)

I feel like " dead man walking" in too little skin now. I dread ever having to have any future surgeries that may be needed. This is not what I had in mind when seeking remedy for overliposuctioned thighs. I had hoped that nice fat padding in my hips, sides and front thighs would be utilized for suspension not cut off. I could never have a leg amputated because there is no way to determine where my leg ends and my crotch starts. Hard to think that Plastic Surgery can come to this.What Are my Options?

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Options after thigh lift.

Your photos are no substitute for a direct physical examination.  See several board certified plastic surgeons and get their opinions.  Skin does relax and stretch over time, so patience would be in order for now.  Good luck.

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