I Drained About 200cc on my Right Side, in One Week, and my Surgeon Took Them out?

The left side had very little drainage, the right side drained about 200cc in 7 days and was dark red. He removed both of them. Should I be concerned? My surgeon told me that I was doing very well, my incision is starting to peel the scab, i'm just verys swollen still.

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Swelling post tummy tuck

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I would give it time.Heat,compression and massage may speed up the resolution of your swelling.

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Tummy tuck drainage

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The numbers you are giving are quite typical for drain removal after tummy tuck.

Hopefully you will limit your activity in the period just after drain removal, and alert your plastic surgeon if there is any unusual increase in swelling, redness, etc.

Many patients find that by using a tissue sealant during surgery, their drain time is minimized.

Brent Moelleken, MD
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Drain Output After A Tummy Tuck

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As a general rule, I will remove a drain after a tummy tuck when it has less than 30 cc over 24 hours.  It sounds like your surgeon has a similar thought process.  Good luck with recovery.

I Drained About 200cc on my Right Side, in One Week, and my Surgeon Took Them out

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Many surgeons look for drainage of less than 30 cc over 24 hours as a guideline. Although you haven't noted the daily amounts, 200 cc in a week seems within that framework, unless the amounts were increasing. Continue to follow with your surgeon. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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