Drains Taken out Two Days Ago, but Last Night I Bled a Large Amount?

My drains were taken out the 24th, and they stopped bleeding for the most part. The 25th I woke up and throughout the day my belly was swollen so I went to the Medical Office and the surgeon assistant said I might have a seroma so he attempted to drain it. Not much came out and it the pain was excruciating. He attempted to let the blood out trough the right drain opening but not much came. Last night I massaged it and a lot of blood came out. the swelling went away but should i be concerned?

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Drainage from Tummy Tuck Drain Sites

The important thing after a tummy tuck is to get that fluid that is building up out.  Ideally that would come out in the drains, but it really doesn't matter how it comes out as long as it does come out.  In your case, that fluid has drained from the drain site as opposed to the drain.  As long as the collection does not reappear, you are okay.

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Drains Taken out Two Days Ago, but Last Night I Bled a Large Amount?

"A lot" is a relative amount. Chances are this is old bleeding, dark clotted blood, ofter described to appear like crankcase oil. On the one hand, I would not be concerned, but on the other hand, there is not enough info here for me to given blanket reassurance, so a call in to your surgeon is appropriate. 

Thanks, best wishes.

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