Autologous Implant Revision - 2 Failures. Options?

Had Autologous Implant in '95. It "Capsulized". Ligament from wrist was used. 3 yrs later, 2nd PS removed outer edges and sugg'd vermillion advance. Result was very crooked vermillion border and obv scar tissue. This Doc now out of area and on TV so I can't go to him. A 3rd PS attemptd vermillion correction in '05 with about 75% success. Still implant/scar inside lip prevents normal smile. Any suggestions? Am considering evening border out with slight hyaluronic acid injections...

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Your own tissue has a hard time surviving in your lips.  Fascia and tendon either have problems surviving or they create scarring and bumpiness.  In my opinion, fat is the best natural option. In your case fat injections could soften your scars. The other scars could use judicious scar revision techniques.  But fat is the best lubricant of the body and can soften scars in my experience. The other option for filling your lips are with silicone lip implants as shown in the video below.

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