Autoimmune Hepatitis and Breast Implants?

I am 28 yrs old. I have 3 children want implants. I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis when I was 12 yrs old. I had to go on Prednisone for just over a year, then tapered it off over the next half a year. Since then I have stayed on 100 mg Immuran a day. They were worried about bleeding and how I would react each time I was pregnant. Each time I was healthy and healed good. Levels were good. I had my tonsils out and healed well. I have been stable since I was 14. Are implants safe for me?

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Autoimmune Hepatitis and Breast Implants

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If you tolerated pregnancy and delivery, and a tonsilectomy, two procedures more likely to have difficult to control bleeding than is breast surgery, you should be able to tolerate breast enlargement surgery. 

However, it is elective surgery. A discussion with your immunologist/rheumatologist is in order as part of your evaluation and decision making process. 

It may be that should you proceed with surgery that it might be safer in a hospital rather than in an office or surgicenter, but again, I would yield to your personal physicians opinion on this.

Thanks and best wishes.

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