Is There an Authoritative Place That Rates Butt Implant Doctors?

One was a teaching doctors and has said he performs this op at the university but has no pictures ( because the are property of the university) but claims to have done about 10-12 in the last two years. His price is significantly less than the other doctor and said it would only take about 90 minutes for both the implants and lipo with fat grafting. The other doctor has shown me photos, I spoke with a previous patient of his and said all procedures would take 3.5 hrs, how do I know whos best?

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Choosing a Buttock Implant Doctor

It is difficult to find great surgeons who do buttock implants since it is not often done.  The best surgeon who does this procedure should:  be Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, have patient testimonials, and show you before and after pictures.  If you can't see photos, how can you judge the work, irrelevant of how "fast" a surgeon is?  You won't show off your buttocks and tell your girlfriends that "he also did it in 90 minutes" - beware any surgeon that doesn't have patients that can talk with you or have photos (some patients don't want to discuss the procedure but most are ok with anonymous photographs if they are grateful to their doctor).  There isn't a place that rates butt implant doctors but looking up reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeons - calling their office to make sure they do this procedure, and asking to see photographs should guide you in the right direction - done right, it is a beautiful procedure!

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