What's the next option for port-wine stain removal? (Photo)

I am 23. Very light skin. Birthmark is on the left side of my face and a little bit on the top of my lip. I tried dye laser 5 years ago and the results were nonexistant. Doctor said she couldn't even try on the lip. After treatment I bruised purple and went right back to the usual red. Can you recommend another therapy option?

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Laser for port wine stains

I see. You have a few options-1. Re try the pulse dye V BEAM laser but with different settings2. Try another laser with 2 wavelengths to hit the deeper vessels. Sometimes combining a shorter and longer wavelength vascular laser can improve the deeper component of the port wine stain. 
Video explains in the web reference below. 
All the best, Dr Davin Lim 
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Pulsed dye laser and birthmark removal of a port wine stain

Our office specializes in surgical and laser birthmark removal. You may benefit from trying newer advancements in pulsed dye laser treatment. 

DR. Karamanoukian 
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