Itchy tingling scalp with increased shedding?

I am currently battling with my itchy inflamed scalp. I am also seeing some dandruff, which I didn't notice before. The scalp is slightly red but it doesn't look too serious to me. How can I fix this? Should I wash my hair everyday more thoroughly? Which shampoo do you recommend? I currently try Nizoral out but it doesn't seem to work for me. The itchiness seems to be more severe in balding areas. Is itchiness and shedding connected somehow? How can I fix this?

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Itchy tingling scalp with increased shedding?


Thank you for your question. Vist a phamarcy an ask for shampoo which can help to solve your problem, if this situation still continues then consult a dermatologist.

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Itching scalp with hair loss

These are two separate problems. Itching can be address with your dermatologist. I prescribe Alevicyn to my patients for itching. Hair loss on the other hand requires a good doctor and a good workup to determine its cause. 

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#hairloss with itching and inflamed scalp

you need to be evaluated from lose up to find the cause for your inflamed scalp, itching and hair loss. Once you the cause for your inflamed scalp is established by a specialist, then the proper care can be recommended.

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Itching and shedding

Individuals with shedding plus itching need an up close exam along with a full and detailed medical review. There are many causes of shedding and itching. Some, like seborrheic dermatitis are not typically associated with significant hair loss. Other conditions like the scarring alopecias, give permanent hair loss

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