Is my hair loss shampoo harmful for my pregnant wife?

I am currently using shampoo containing DHT blockers to improve condition for my thinning hair. I've heard that DHT blocker substances like ketoconazole, saw palmetto, can be dangerous for pregnant women. Can this be harmful for my pregnant wife, if she touches my wet hair or when we share a pillow during bed time? Should I refrain from using DHT blocking shampoos during my wife's pregnancy? Many thanks in advance!

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Is my hair loss shampoo with DHT Blockers harmful for my pregnant wife?

If you rinse your hair you well after shampooing and then using a conditioner, then there is little or no chance of any chemical crossing into your wife's blood stream. However, if you think using any hair or skin products will cause you anxiety regarding your wife and/or unborn child, then the best option is to totally abstain from any use of potentially harmful chemicals. 

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