Can "bad quality water" cause hair shedding?

I've been diagnosed with MPB. The progression of MPB has been steady so far, but has really accelerated after my summer vacation. In my opinion, the water quality was not that great in the country, where I spent my vacation. My question is now, can bad quality water trigger telogen effluvium shedding? If yes, will the lost hair grow back to some degree?

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Bad quality water has nothing to do with genetic male pattern balding unless the water source is toxic.

Bad quality water in general has nothing to do with genetic male pattern balding.  If you believe otherwise, it is best to see a doctor for examination.  

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Does poor quality wanter impact hair?

If the water causes sickness, this produces a negative nitrogen balance in the body and this can cause hair loss. Poor water without illness, should not cause hair loss

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Water quality and TE

Water quality is unlikely to trigger TE unless you were sick with diarrhea, or other systemic illness.Sadly, nearly 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to proper drinking water. Despite the many systemic illnesses, hair loss is not a common side effect.If you did become ill, see a dermatologist for careful review if the water could have played a role. If you remained well, it is quite unlikely that the water consumed affected your hair.

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