Vertical short scar or anchor technique for AU 10DD/E petite 21 year old?

I am 21, 156cm , 55kg and wear a 10DD/E bra. My breasts have probably a moderate degree of ptosis and skin stretching has occurred. What are the benefits of vertical short versus anchor incisions in this case? Does either have an improved outlook for future breastfeeding? I would like to go down to a full C or small D cup size. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Luda. It sounds like you are an excellent candidate for a breast reduction. Without photos I cant give you an opinion about which technique is better for you. The big advantage of the minimal scar techniques is that the weight of the residual breast is kept in the upper part of the breast and tends to resist gravity better thus giving a better longer term resultant shape. RegardsDamien

Breast feeding and breast reduction

Thanks for asking what for a lot of women is a key question.
Either technique should maintain the nipple attached to the breast tissue, and thus allow breast feeding in the future.  The one that will suit you the best will be largely determined by the degree of ptosis you have, and the amount of excess skin that will be left after the breast volume is reduced.
I would need to a full examination to be able to offer a further opinion, and i guess your next step will be a consultation
I hope that helps and best of luck 
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