Rhinoplasty narrow nose and nostrils. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm looking at getting rhinoplasty to narrow my broad nose and wide nostrils. I would like to know what procedures would need to be done to achieve this, and if there will be external scarring etc. Please note I still would like a nose that will suit my face features, and I'm def not after nostrils like nMichael Jackson. Cheers :)

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Correcting a broad nose and wide nostrils

Thank you for the question and photos. First, let me reassure you that the art of plastic surgery has come a long way since Michael Jackson's nose underwent a well-publicized transformation. Rhinoplasty, in particular, can not only reduce your nostrils, but also reshape the bridge and nasal tip in a way that complements your facial features. As always, an in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon would be the best way to assess your needs and guarantee reliable medical advice. Best of luck! Dr. Michael Omidi.

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Reduction rhinolpasty

To me a rhinoplasty should be designed to address the imbalances that exist in a persons nose, and create a better balance of proportion with the other facial features.
In most instances patients will know the issues, be it a hump or a nose that is too wide, and it takes a full examination to assess how to better improve these features in terms of facial harmony. That will then determine what needs to be done, be it osteotomy, narrowing of tip, or alar base reduction.
In all the result should be natural, harmonious and balance, and to me that is a good rhinoplasty.  To fully understand what you specifically need, you will need a consultation, and examination, and form there a surgical plan can be developed
i hope that is of some help
Jeremy Hunt

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Narrowing a wide nose with rhinoplasty

The base of the nose can be narrowed by Weir incision. These are named after Dr Weir of NYNY about a century ago who first proposed doing this. Incisions are made at the sides in the groove between the nose and cheek. The deeper the groove the more the nose can be narrowed. The bridge of a nose is narrowed by breaking the nasal bones at the sides and placing them closer to the midline. External incisions aren't needed here.

Oakley Smith, MD, FRCSC
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