Breasts are wide apart, can they be fixed? (Photos)

My breasts are really wide apart, it seems that most of the cleavage in congregated on the lateral and inferior side near my armpit, my nipples also seem to face quite laterally, in terms of size they are about a D, wondering if its possible to get some sort of inward lift or would breast augmentation make the medial area to appear fuller? What would be the best method of correction? Thanks

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Breast gap

It is quite easy to give you medial cleavage with a proper selected and placed implant
The only real issue is that your nipples which are pointing outwards already will continue to do so post opNot a big problem, but good for you to know pre-op so there is no surprises afterwards.
I hope this helps and good luck

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Hi.  Your breasts are within normal limits with respect to size and volume.  Aesthetically they look fine so my advice would be to leave them alone. If your areas of concern really bother you then the nipple can be moved medially and you would either need a breast augment or fat injection to the medial pole of the breast ( I would favour the latter).Hope this helps.RegardsDamien

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