When Will Top Stitched Tear Shape Breast Implants Be Available?

I want to have breast implants ASAP. I definitely do not want round, I only want tear shaped. However I was advise against the tear shape implants as they have a chance of rotation which requires revision surgery. A doctor told me there is a new type of implant coming out this year which is stitched in at the top so it can't rotate. Does anyone know when it will be available on the market, as I am literally waiting for the day so I can have my surgery?

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Rotation of Tear Drop Implants

Hello there. 

No I don't believe there is such an implant. 

The good news is that with correct technique the risk of implant rotation is very small, less than 1% .  The risk is highest when the implants are used to replace other implants , so if this is your first operation you can feel very safe. 

However it is important that the surgeon you choose has been properly trained in the correct surgical planning and performance techniques for these devices



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When Will Top Stitched Tear Shape Breast Implants Be Available?

Many thanks for the question. I am not aware of any such thing. The way the surgery for implants is performed from a 2 inches cut which is half blind approach there is no way a stitch can be put in on top of implant which is never visible at the end of surgery .Even if there was an implant manufacturer to do it, how an stitch can be put in at the end of surgery at the upper end of an implant is a mystery for me.Some one may be fooled you.In any case I wish you good luck.

Tear drop anatomic shaped implants in breast augmentation- avoiding rotation

Rotation with anatomically shaped implants is a problem if the surgeon uses the basic techniques commonly used.  Tabs and anchors have been placed on such implants in the past but this simply does not work.  The secret is having the forces of the breast implant cavity balanced such that the implant naturallly wants to sit in the correct position.  This is why I perform only Cold-Subfascial AugmentationTM with anatomically shaped implants.  With this technique there are no direct muscular forces transmitted to the implant and the pocket can be meticulously contoured to shape and support the implant.  You simply need to find a surgeon with positive experience successfully placing anatomic implants.  If a surgeon thinks they need a sutured tab to perform this operation successfully, they simply will not perform it successfully with or without a tab.

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