What Type of Implant and Lift is Better for Tuberous Breasts? (photo)

I've been told I have tuberous breasts with some degree of ptosis. My surgeon has recommended a circular breast lift using tear drop shaped silicone gel implants placed over the muscle or dual plane. I've always thought I wanted round silicon gel implants placed sub-muscular (this was based on my internet research, feedback from friends' experiences and before any consultations) but am now quite confused and looking for some insight? I'm currently a B cup, would like to be a D or DD cup.

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Best approach for tubular breasts

On reviewing your photos you really don't have tubular breasts. The areola are enlarged, but not herniated. The inferior pole is somewhat deficient, but not constricted . I do agree with a periareolar mastopexy with a dual plane augmentation. That allows for lowering and releasing the lower pole, while diminishing the areola size. I personally prefer smooth round silicone prostheses, since there is less chance of positional issues.  You are certainly on the right track.

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What Plastic Surgical Technique Is Best For Tuberous Breasts?

The good news is you have the forme fruste (just a bit) of a tuberous breast.  Therefore in your case, if you were my patient, I would recommend a high profile silicone breast implant through a transaxillary (armpit) incision in the dual plane position.  This will give you a bottom to your breast, and visually raise the nipples to a more desirable position.

In my practice, I have patients wearing no bra for one month and we have great nipple covers which are reusable up to several hundred times.  An ace wrap or bando worn high on the upper pole of the implant, along with gravity, lowers the breast mound and completely corrects any tuberosity.  By utilizing a dual plane, you can release the constricted base often seen in tuberous breasts (fortunately only minimally seen in yours). 

Breast augmentation with tuberosity

From the pictures submitted, your tuberosity of the breasts is mild. The confusion usually arises with other body types that do not apply to your particular situation. Depending on the size of the implant you choose, the plane of insertion of the implant should be determined. Your treating surgeon should offer you all different options with their relative advantages so you can make an intelligent decision after consideration. If there was only one perfect way to do a procedure, all surgeons would perform it in that way. Most of the confusion arises when one body type patient requests a procedure to be performed as was done on someone that has a different type of tuberous breasts. If you consider tuberosity of the breast as a constriction ring that is internally present, putting the implant in front of the muscle underneath the breast will allow expansion of the breast against the constricting tuberosity. When you have a deep placement underneath the muscle, the implant will not be able to expand at the tuberosity in the breast due to the muscle layers separating them. A "D" or "DD" cup that you desire will only be satisfied with a moderately large implant insertion. An excessively large implant underneath the muscle would cause separation of the muscle from most of its rib and bony attachments which defeats the purpose of putting it in a deeper plane. It is important for you to understand the differences and for your physician to explain these differencies to your satisfaction.  

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It exsists modern trends to correct tubular breasts/exsisten tecnicas modernas para corregir las mamas tuberosos

tubular breasts modern tendency is to put asimetrical ,tear drop,high cohesivity gel,less scar results not complete circular because you could loose sensibility than is important for sexuality, preventive of breast cancer (by eliminating the superoexternal square breasts glands) and besides than do not fall down again with the time

unatural breasts may be properly corrected today doing many things at same time a perpheric lypo, putting plus together at center middle chest line,widening breasts dimensions, puting a high projection natural prosthesis etc. los pechos deformes como los tubulares pueden ser corregidos satisfactoriamente ensanchando las bases, haciendo liposucciones perifericas colocando protesis de alta proyeccion , juntandolas hacia la linea media pectoral etc more

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What Type of Implant and Lift is Better for Tuberous Breasts?

A circular breast lift using tear drop shaped silicone gel implants, dual plane, is perfect, it is important to relax the lower part of the breast.


Spanish translation provided by doctor:

Periareolar lifting, usando implante de gel de siliconas anatomico, con doble plano, es perfecto, es importante relajar la parte inferior de la mama.

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