Recommendations for Lip Lift and Cheek Implants? (photo)

I am looking for a complete cosmetic surgery make-over. Can anyone recommend a doctor who is superb in lip lifts and cheek implants? I had buccal fat removal when I was 21 and now I'm trying to reverse it. I want malar/submalar combination implants. I've had 2 prior nose jobs and still don't like my nose. My nose was shortened and the distance between my lip and nose has been increased. I therefor require a lip lift to decrease the space. I'm looking for the absolute best surgeon. Advice please?

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Complete makeover

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I know this isn't going to sound helpful, but your photo looks beautiful.  Lips, face, nose.  All of it.  I think some fat grafting to your cheeks could soften them in a natural way, whereas with implants there can be unintended artificial looking results - or harsh looking results.  Your lips are full and pretty looking so I don't really think that taking risk of possible scar problems (always a possibility) is worth it for  you.  Finally your nose is something that you can seek a rhinoplasty expert to discuss.  They should have imaging software so you can be specific when you are talking about further changes you might be interested in.  I think you look very lovely and maybe you don't need a complete (or even partial) makeover?!

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Lip lift and cheek implant

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Without looking at a side and 3/4 view of your face it is hard to be precise with a recommendation but I would most likely not recommend cheek implants as you have good cheek contour.  You definitely have "sunken" cheeks from the buccal fat removal.  That has to be corrected with fat transfer to the cheeks.  Your upper lip looks quite proportional and what may have to be addressed is the nasal tip projection rather than a lip lift.  A consultation with an experienced Facial Plastic surgeon would be advisable so you can have a total facial analysis and appropriate recommendation.

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