Raised Area Where Seroma Was 3 Months Post Op? (photo)

I was born with gastrochisis and had a tummy tuck to fix my navel. I had contour irregularities originally but never in the place I now have it In. I had a seroma 1 week post op & had it drained twice. I had my operation in the US because I could not find a surgeon in AUS who would operate on me!! I am overall very happy with the result but I do have a few concerns a) I have a raised area where seroma was and I'm now 3 months (most of swelling is down by now?) it feels hard not fluid b) red bb

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Raised Area Where Seroma Was 3 Months Post Op?

As you note is expressing difficulty in showing this in the photo, I am having trouble seeing the bulge. 

I can't say I have ever seen this nice an outcome in a gastroschisis patient!.  The scar is red, but this is not unusual at three months, the end of the peak period of inflammatory phase of wound healing. 

Scar creams, laser or kenalog injections may useful, but I would stick to the scar creams for a few months. All the best. 

Raised Area Where Seroma Was 3 Months Post Op?

Result looks excellent. Massage or external ultrasound to are could help it. Best to seek some in person opinions in Aust. 

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