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I have felt for years my nose dosent suit my face and its too big, i want a smaller one that dosent stick out so far, When i smile i find the hooked nose shape appears more defined, so im looking for a qualified surgeon that Can give me a nose that suits me.

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Appear to be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty

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 From the pictures you appear to have wide nasal bones, a slight dorsal hump (primarily cartilage), a tip that's over projected (lifted off the face), wide tip and asymmetric nostrils.  Be certain to see experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons in consultation because reducing the nasal tip over projection, IMHO, is one of the most important parts for your particular case.  During your cosultations, listen to the aesthetic judgemnt of the surgeon and listen to how he/she plans on carrying that out in order to make your nose more aesthetically attractive. 

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